Privacy Policy

ZenLabs LLC

In order to offer analytics and marketing options to our business partners, we collect customer names, emails, phone numbers, and physical addresses. This data is collected by our automated APIs when one of our business partners registers their stores with our system. After one of our business partners connects their store to our system, the personal information of customers who've ordered from that business partner in the last 30 days. After that, we collect the data of customers that order from that partner's connected stores as long as that store remains connected.

Customers can opt out of having their data collected by entering their email here. Please note, that when your email is entered in this form, we do not store the email. We only store a unique numeric hash so we can prevent your data from entering our system again in the future. If customers would like to view the info stored about them, they can do so by entering their email here. Similary, entering your email in this form does not cause it to be stored on on our system.

In order to contact and handle logistics for our business partners, we may collect the partner's name, email, phone number, and physical address. To have this data removed, business partners can simply delete their partner account in their profile page.

Business partners can opt out of having data related to their stores saved on our system by simply deleting the store in their settings page, which will immediately delete all saved records related to that store. Or, if their partner account is deleted, all info related to all stores associated with that business partner is removed.

We do not share stored business partner data with any third parties. We may share stored customer data with third parties such as marketing firms in order to offer our services to our business partners.

Without intervention, such as requesting data removal, we may store customer and business partner data up to three years after last receipt of the data.

We do our best to ensure the protection of customer data by using encryption, and only sharing it with trusted third parties.